Synchronicity Story Time: Norman & the HUGE Contract

May 6, 2021 | Mysticism, Normalizing the Paranormal, Synchronicity Stories

I was organizing some of the new bookshelves I recently got--which I'm quite Grateful for, as it happened in quite a synchronistic way, too,--when I came across this book and thought.... it's Divine Synchronicity Story Time!

My life has been filled to the brim with synchronicities of all types and yes.. sizes.  Some synchronicities are so powerful they leave even me wide mouthed and still wrapping my mind around years later... like this one with my experience in meeting Norman, the author of this book.  Well... I say "meet," but in reality, we only ever talked over the phone, and we probably wouldn't recognize each other if we ever did cross physical paths.

Yet it remains among the more memorable Synchronicities for me this lifetime, and one of the ones I'm being urged by my Guides to share.. though there are many. I really need to keep getting these down on paper.. video... what have you.  But I'm feeling a clear urge to share as much as possible now.

And we can explore what synchronicity is and how it works (and why it won't) more in-depth in another piece.  Right now I want to share the story about the Synchronicity of Norman and the HUGE Contract.

Norman and the HUGE Contract

It was circa 2013 that I'd been working for Dun & Bradstreet as a New Client Acquisitions Specialist in the small business department.  Yes... I worked in the corporate world at some point, too (I swear I've lived 33 lives within this one alone, LOL) and if you're not familiar with Dun & Bradstreet, it's been around cornering the market on corporate monopoly on business credit (individuals have credit ratings and so do businesses) since Lincoln.  And that's not an exaggeration or a joke. In more recent years, competitors have popped up and began taking slices of D&B's market share in the world of corporate credit, but before that, it had been enjoying a over 150 years and Abraham Lincoln DID in fact work for them as an attorney before he became the 16th U.S. president.

The company keeps financial tabs on businesses worldwide and is the largest global hub of corporate credit data, and is divided into four main divisions: small, mid-sized, and large and international accounts.  I worked, as I said, in the small business division, which normally brought in contracts with businesses that ranged in sums of generally anywhere from $1,000 to about $20,000 on average. So you can imagine my boss's and everyone else's shock when I brought in a contract for..... get this.... over a half a million dollars!

It was the largest contract brought in through the small business division up to that day, and I'm willing to bet it still is.

And since the contracts were the smallest companywide, commission for small business division execs there was structured to BEGIN at about 28%..... oh yeah. If you do the math... mmmmm hmmmm. Cha - ching. I skyrocketed to D&B stardom overnight... and was the envy and on the lips of every razor-blade fast-talking Zig Ziglar-touting, executive shark in its chummed corporate waters. (The D&B sales environment can be.... competitive LMAO)


When I reached out to Norman and started talking with him, he was quite familiar with D&B and the credit-related services we offered, but he was not in any sort of dire need of them.

We did have some fun conversations over the course of a few months, however, and I'll never forget the swagger in Norman's deeply Southern gentleman-rooted dialect explanation for how women and men think differently when he told me one day he felt "men are like waffles and women like spaghetti."

And I don't remember now how it even came up in a corporate conversation, but I ended up opening up to Norman and telling him I'd experienced two (at that time I had not experienced the third one, which came on June 23rd, 2016,) Angelic Visitations, which had not only rocked my world on a personal level, but had brought me much adversity when I had dared to share about it with others in previous employment situations.

By that time, I had already experienced a Christian reverend boss telling me she thought I was crazy for saying I had been Visited by Angels and was seeking answers, after which she proceeded to mock me, put me down and make my life at work a living hell until I quit a month later.  She was later fired by the Board of Directors of the charitable organization she was Executive Director of for being abusive to the staff and her crony helper friend who assisted her in putting me down and trying to drag my name through the mud, who headed one of the programs for the organization, was later arrested, found guilty and sentenced to prison for stealing almost half a million dollars from the homelessness assistance program she was directing....  but that's another synchronicity story for another time.

Much to my surprise, not only was Norman not put off by my sharing about my Angelic Visitations, he began sharing with me about a Conversation he'd had with God... yes.... very much a la Neale Donald Walsch style. (I've actually also had Conversations with God, but they were during both my NDE's and that is most definitely for another Synchronicity Story Time!) He told me about a book he'd written a few years earlier, the one in the photo called, "God Spoke and He Sounded Like... A Book of Christian Testimonials." He shared that the book was his pride and joy, in terms of what he considered his best Work, despite how well known and highly respected he was in the world of corporate finance.

After we opened up about our respective Divine mystical encounters, Norman went ahead and called some of his contacts and pulled a few strings for me and put me in touch with some CFO's (Chief Financial Officers, for those who don't know) of some interesting parties who had recently separated from a major company to once again become an independent and quite wealthy, yet technically still a small business due to its small number of employees in that particular time of flux, that was looking to have its own D&B account now, now, now...  to what ended up being the tune of about $272,000, negotiated between several corporate execs on an almost full-time basis over the course of almost three months, and requiring me to rapidly learn how to coordinate and facilitate the discussion of the ironing out of legal jargon on said contract between multiple legal entities with various conflicting interests... if you can facilitate conversations such as these for longer that just one project... bless you.. that's all I have to say.

Even my boss's boss's boss got involved, and personally sent a flower bouquet and gift basket as a thank you to the executive who sealed the deal with her signature, he was THAT ecstatic. Yes... oh and he ended up taking ALL the credit for the contract during a subsequent D&B awards ceremony during which he did not even mention my name as he accepted the congratulatory thank yous and award.  Typical of the shark-infested waters oriented D&B sales culture.

The punchline came when D&B gave me a check for $12,000 out of the about $74,000 I technically supposedly earned based on the established commission structure in my employment contract... and then made the rest... "disappear".

Here's the best part... my immediate supervisor supposedly knew nothing and they took over a month and a half to even respond to my internal inquiry about what had happened to the rest of my commission that I had rightfully earned.

When the answer finally came in the form of a note, it simply stated that they'd decided internally that the contract I brought in fell under the "lucky windfall internal corporate employment guideline," but that I was "lucky" in that they'd decided to allow me to keep the $12,000 payroll had already "erroneously" paid out to me....  Yes, you read that correctly.

This is D&B's version of rewarding their supposed sales superstar and then calling her "lucky" about the whole thing as a cherry on top..... UGH.

I wanted to scream. But I attempted to appeal this decision by demonstrating proof that this had not been a "lucky windfall" in that I had worked very hard for a long time to close on that contract, and I even pointed out that if the company felt it was such a lucky windfall, why would they not have mentioned something regarding that along the way as time and time again they provided me with the internal resources, such as direct number access to the 4 legal department attorneys on staff at the time for D&B, a special spending account to send "incentive" gifts to the potential new clients... etc.. ?

None of that mattered, of course.  D&B did not budge. And I quit a few months later, after accepting an offer from them of an additional $9,000 to not take legal action against them, which I accepted because I was utterly and thoroughly done with the whole corporate sales circus and charade.

Dun and Bradstreet is not exactly a company with a Heart... let's just say, LOL.

I hope they've changed their corporate greedy ways for everyone's sake. There really won't be much room for corporate greed in the next evolutionary stage for Earth and humanity, anyway.

At any rate... I'll never forget my experience in crossing paths with Norman, nor will I regret any part of it. Through a Soul-level Contract, he helped me regain a bit of confidence in sharing about my Divine Mystical experiences, which many had ostracized me for sharing up to that point, causing me to shut down about it,...and even gave me hope that an understanding of even just the potential of Truth in the nature of Mystical encounters and Divine Synchronicity can become a naturally-accepted part of life in all levels of society, too.

I'm very much at peace, too, about the money. Actually... I feel very differently about money now than I did then. I realize now it's just a tool, neither "good nor bad," which of course does not in and of itself have personality nor character, and is merely a tool currently necessary to navigate through this world. That will also change in the not too distant future, as the dissolution of the dependence of a currency system in favor of more of a bartering/trade-based system is something Archangel Gabriel Showed me in a Vision during His Visitation in November of 2007 will take place as a result of this tremendous global Shift we are currently collectively undergoing.

One thing we will ALL learn as a Collective, is that any time we profit at someone else cost, we actually all end up losing. They kept my rightfully-earned sizeable commission, but D&B lost a highly talented employee who came to realize the harder she worked for them, they more broke she'd be going.. lol.

And those chummed shark-infested corporate sales cultures rarely succeed for very long. D&B is already finding themselves as prey to growing bigger fish as it sees its profits shrinking due to growing competition in the market now, but that entire system built on principles of competition rather than cooperation, is doomed from its inception because in this structure, it's only a matter of time until it boils down to thunderdome dog-eat-dog tactics, the result of which is that there can truly only be one winner left standing among bloodied, shredded corporate corpses.

The Truth is there IS a better way, and it IS possible to instead design our systems to be based around principles of cooperation, so that when we stand in all the glories of our successes, it won't need to include a painful lookback at morally, ethically and in many other ways questionable choices made in order to make... ooooh, sayyyyy... D&B quarterly sales quotas, for example.

D&B and other blood-thirsty corporate sharks out there won't be able to screw their employees like they did me for much longer on this planet... thank God/dess.

Make no mistake... I AM Grateful for every bit of the experience, as it has truly opened all my eyes about the nature of corporate greed and why as AA Gabriel Shared it will need to end if we are to bring about a much healthier, happier way of living in cooperation with and much more fully honoring each other, and in flow with nature and other co-creative forces, as humanity was intended to and can still be.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my crazy Synchronicity with Norman and the HUGE contract, and I hope to share more of these amazing Synchronicities I've lived this lifetime that my Guides keep Lovingly, but firmly nudging me to share :~)

With much Love, Light and Peace to you from my Heart, as always,


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