Psychic Medium, Dreamwork & Coaching Sessions

Psychic Medium Consultations

Psychic Medium Consultations

Grief Mediumship Session

Mediumship session in which I connect with your loved ones to bring you their messages that come through to help you process grief, get …
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Intuitive Consultation

Intuitive guidance, psychic readings and paranormal consultation session. I may or may not use divination tools, depending on your …
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$111.00 per hour

Oracle/Tarot Readings

Consultation using the Tarot and Oracle cards and other tools for Divination. This service is available in various packages to fit your …
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$111.00 per hour

Tarot/Oracle Readings

Tarot/Oracle Reading Packages

Tarot/Oracle Reading Packages

30 minute Reading (phone or zoom call)


A deeper dive into your specific questions about a situation or challenge, possibly utilizing a variety of divination tools, conducted via your choice of a phone or online zoom call.

60 minute Reading (phone or zoom call)


And in-depth exploration of your most burning questions and related issues, with personalized strategies and Messages from Spirit.

1-Card Reading via email (written or audio file)


Best for a simple or yes/no question, sent to you in your choice of written doc or audio file format you can listen to.

3-Card Reading via email (written or audio file)


Perfect for a more complex question, or a past/present/future reading, sent to your email in your choice of a written doc or audio file format to listen to.

Dream Helper ESP Circles~Group Synchronized Dreamwork

About MindBodySoulVolution

Psychic Medium & Coaching Consultant

Need an experienced psychic medium who’s in touch with her spirituality? Looking for answers about your future in relation to work, prosperity, relationships and romance, or to gain clarity and perspective on a current challenge you are facing? 

I offer individual and group sessions for psychic medium, tarot and ...

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