Edgar Cayce Dream Helper ESP Circles (Online)

Origins of the Dream Helper Circle, what it is and how I became involved

"It was young people’s dreams at the [Edgar Cayce] A.R.E. camp in the mid-1970s that first inspired the creation of this amazing dreamwork method.  

Ever since the dreamwork movement of the 1980s placed dreams into national awareness, almost everyone knows about the creative, healing, and spiritual potential of dreams. Yet only about 1/3 of the population remembers a dream on a given morning, and even fewer do anything with those dreams. The new method the camp children inspired almost guarantees not only that people will remember a dream when desired for a purpose, but also that they will discover how that dream is truly helpful to the task at hand. Those two qualities are highly significant credentials! 

The method’s effectiveness arises from two well-known phenomena: 1) the power of altruism to inspire folks to go beyond their presumed abilities; and 2) the power of a group, or comparative points of view, to get a clearer perspective on something that’s otherwise ambiguous. 

What happens in a dream helper circle? Published instructions and handouts available online prescribe the process. A The Dream Helper Circle group of folks promise to remember a dream for someone in need who has requested this help. When the group comes together to share these dreams, they have no idea if their dreams mean anything for the targeted person in focus, because their dreams seem like the typical mysteries they normally discard. There’s no dream interpretation expert to help them out. What are they to do? They tell their dreams and search for commonalities in them. 

Comparing Dream Themes Reveal Truths."

*excerpt from the ebook: Dream ESP For Everyone, by Dr. Henry Reed

What are Dream Helper Circles?

Dream Helper Circles allow people to help one another through dreams. Each consists of a small group (members), and all agree to engage in a circle, committing to dream for the designated focus person for an undisclosed issue that is revealed at the end of the week. 

In the Online Dream Helper Circle, a group of people--usually strangers and often scattered all over the globe--agrees to come together in an exercise conducted via email over the course of a week (*six days, to be precise, as it has been distilled to a more succinct exercise,) to dream for one group member who is experiencing a challenge.

The randomly-selected Focus Person’s challenge remains undisclosed until the end of the week, after the Dreamers have already dreamt and spent the week analyzing the dreams had for the Focus Person’s undisclosed issue! And as long as I’ve been running these DHC’s, it never ceases to leave me awe-struck at just how pertinent the dreams always seem to be!!


With the mentorship of Dr. Henry Reed, Professor Emeritus of Atlantic University, prime designer of A.R.E.'s (Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment) psychic development programs for over 24 years, and Director of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies, I, Gema, have administered online Dream Helper Circles multiple times over the past two years, and

I, personally, have experienced incredible Synchronicities just from running DHC's and can most DEFINITELY vouch for the very real MAGIC that takes place on each and every single Dream Helper Circle week!

In light of the distressing, turbulent and in many ways--not least of which financially--challenging times many are finding ourselves in, I will be continuing to offer the ONLINE Dream Helper Circles for a Heart-based Donation throughout our collective journey with this pandemic in order to be able to offer what I Truly perceive to be access to some invaluable intuitive dreamwork tools for you to open up to and experience, most especially in these trying times, without cost being a prohibitive factor.

Why am I doing this??

Now more than ever, I believe with all my Heart (*with a capital H!) that

dreamwork IS the antidote for shelter-in-place/quarantine/social distancing, 

and for helping not just for us to feel and stay connected in more ways, but to perhaps even utilize this as an opportunity to glimpse a fuller picture of how we all really are interconnected….helping us to move closer to collectively firmly grasping this concept of Oneness we are on the cusp of finally understanding in this world!

The more I’ve worked with the Dream Helper Circles, the more I’ve been able to witness, firsthand, the Power of what I am going to now call Dream Neo-Shamanism, which is how I’ve come to view this very essential Work.

How did I cross Paths with Dr. Henry Reed and the incredible DHCs?

When I chose to go live and train for half of 2018 at a Buddhist monastery alongside monks and a few other “householders” like me hoping to take the deepest inner dive of our lives, the last thing I expected was that my head teacher, an ordained Zen Buddhist monk, would help me “relax” about some of these “abilities” I’ve been feared for AND perhaps even more importantly, afraid of myself. I’m speaking of some of these “psychic abilities” like telepathy and psychokinesis…. clairvoyance & all the clairs…. remote viewing… psychometry… etc, etc….. Much to my surprise, I discovered that is a quite normal, in fact expected, part of natural progression on the spiritual evolutionary Path.

This teacher also pointed me in the direction of the work of his professor when he had attended university, a phenomenal scientist called Charles Tart, who has conducted over four decades of empirical research on these abilities. It was Tart’s work, who had as I later discovered attended grad school with Professor Henry Reed at UCLA in the 60’s, that then led me to discovering this most AMAZING “technology” of modern dreamwork I am all too Honored to be able to share with you all and everyone else whom I can bring it to, called, 

The Dream Helper Circle~A Creation of the Edgar Cayce Community

Co-created with Henry Reed, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist & Father of Modern American Dreamwork

And to Henry Reed’s body of most incredible modern dreamwork, Work which as I keep telling Dr. Reed, I am infinitely Grateful to have connected with and been involved in.

AND it wasn't until AFTER I had Connected to Henry’s Work that I, myself, discovered the deeper Divine Synchronicity at play here, when Henry told me he and Charley (Dr. Charles Tart) had been colleagues at grad school in UCLA!!

I have seen firsthand on many occasions by now just how truly magical the Dream Helper Circle is, and doing it online now is helping to fill so many voids in the face of some of the greatest challenges humanity is facing now as a collective.

The Online Dream Helper Circle really is poised to help serve as the antidote for social distancing…… AND to help the Collective perhaps open that Celestial Eye juuuuuuuuuuust enough to allow Spirit to come in and assist with the transitional steps we are taking to traverse this “Rainbow Bridge,” as I call it and finally more fully assimilate the understanding of how we all, though being beautiful in our own individual creative right, are still also very much and truly One.

The Online Dream Helper Circle can help us begin to better understand the ways in which there is much more to our wondrous world than the physical,

And perhaps even more importantly… helping the Collective finally SEE how much we need now more than ever to collaborate and help each other as ONE united front against these global challenges, since we really are interconnected.  

And in this Light...well….. We find the online DHC perhaps brings benefits for a whole lot more than merely the randomly-chosen Focus Person, who, bless her Heart, in this week’s DHC, has been echoing how Grateful she is for this process, as well as for ALL you beautiful Dreamers’ I’ve been honored to Administer this Circle for.

Best wishes to you all on your Journeys, and may you be safe, healthy and surrounded by Love.

Thank you again, with all my Heart, always,


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